Siyan Wen: YMM Helped Us Discover Ourselves



Siyan Wen, an architecture sophomore in China Central Academy of Fine Arts, loves Japanese Manga like many girls of her age. She said it reminded her of the time at YMM.


“I’ve learnt about lots of brilliant manga and cartoonists from animation classes here. It was wonderful that I could spend lots of time doing stuff I really loved.”


Siyan said that teachers here at YMM focus on cultivating students’ interests and giving positive feedback and encouragements. They are the best at developing children’s imagination and creation. While in schools, she felt that she suffered from the education system where ranking was everywhere.


“Teachers encouraged us to find our own creativities and express them. I think this is the best part of YMM’s education. I benefited a lot here.”


Taught by Ms. Yang in person

“Ms. Yang influenced us in so many ways, not just skills and techniques, but also philosophies of life.”


Siyan added, “I think that in YMM, we were not simply learning from our teachers; instead, we were discovering ourselves under their guidance. It was a valuable experience for me.”