Tian Tian: Here I Feel Free, No Boundary



This summer, YMM student Tian Tian was admitted to Repin Academy of Fine Arts. He hopes that one day he can be an illustrator who depicts the beauty of reality.


Tian often does philosophical thinking and ponders what’s happening in his life. He asks questions that his peers would barely think about, which makes his works more inspiring.


Her parents on YMM

“In YMM, different phases and levels of training are set to provide a happy and artsy atmosphere for kids who enjoy drawing and painting. Lively and creative teaching methods here allow students to fully enjoy themselves while learning. Art is made a habit here in YMM and I think this habit is a lifelong benefit for our kids.”


Words from Tian

YMM is a place where I can learn about drawing and pursue my dream. I gained a lot of help from my teachers and I gradually found my way in making art. Here I feel free, I feel no boundary. We can grow into the way we want and create. I enjoy my time here at YMM. Both my humorous teachers and my cooperative peers made my time here memorable.


Preparatory School at Repin Academy of Fine Arts 



Repin Academy of Fine Arts



Wing of Order/Blending