Yoyo Yeung: Gratitude



Yoyo Yeung started to study at YMM in 2005, and is now a student in University of the Arts London.


She said, “Every class here was fun; at YMM, our teachers played with us, created with us, and helped us find interests in art.”


In the 2008 Chinese Youth Calligraphy and Art Competition, 12-year-old Yoyo won the first prize in Children’s Art Group with the oil painting “Hong Kong Skyline”.


Her mother on YMM

“Ten years ago, I was fully confident that I made a right choice when I sent my daughter to YMM. Today I am very thankful towards Ms. Mythos Yang for helping my daughter in finding her interests in art. Many students went from YMM to famous art institutions around the world because of its brilliant teaching methods. I hope that YMM will be greater in the future.”


Yoyo on Ms. Mythos Yang

“Gratitude is the only word which can be used to describe my feeling for Ms. Mythos Yang. You taught me to learn, create and think.”




Hongkong Skyline