• Mythos Yang

    Mythos Yang, a renowned artist and the co-founder of YMM Art Education Group, insists on reviewing the inner world through art, and has published many works such as "Myrica Turns Red", "Little Thoughts”, "Dandruffs of Mind", etc. She puts great emphasis on protecting and cultivating students' imagination and creativity, and proposes that people should "make a child happy if you want them to learn". Mythos had enlightened a lot of students who later got admitted to top art schools. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. area where YMM R&D Headquarters is located, and is in charge of curriculum design.

  • Moses Wang

    Moses Wang, the co-founder of YMM Art Education Group and a renowned educator, has been researching art education in creative industry for over a decade. He has developed "the Theory System of YMM Art Education". YMM Art Space he founded currently has enormous centers around the world. Under his teaching philosophy "To enlighten wisdom by art", more and more children are living an intellectually and culturally enriched life.

  • Kevin Conlon

    Kevin Conlon's approach to leading some of the best art and design colleges in the U.S. comes from his belief that art improves not just culture, but also commerce and community. An expert in project-based curriculum design and accreditation, as well as online and competency-based learning, he provides insight to YMM for its school management and curriculum.

  • Caroline Chapin

    Dr. Caroline Chapin, Head of Christ Episcopal School, has rich experience in education management and early childhood education. She worked as an Early Childhood Program Specialist with the Southeastern Regional Vision for Education (SERVE), a federally funded educational research laboratory. In Christ Episcopal School, one of the bases of YMM teaching R&D, she launched the experiment "Teach Courses through the Form of Art", which has brought her remarkable achievements on how to inspire students' imagination through art education.

  • Shaochun Yin

    As the Ph.D. supervisor of Fine Arts at Capital Normal University, as well as a leading expert in art education theory and practice, Prof. Shaochun Yin has published a number of works on art education, and made a great contribution to the development of China's visual arts education. As an international advisor of YMM Art Education Research Institute, he provides high-level academic theories for YMM's curriculum system.

  • Ling Hou

    Mr. Ling Hou, a winner of Special Government Allowances of the State Council and a member of China's Art Education Module Committee, was assigned to the U.S. by China's State Education Commission several times to research art education, and has devoted himself to the study of educational theory. Mr. Hou is famous for his work Art Education with Student's Human Spirits. Combining the characteristics of art education in China and U.S., he puts American teaching model into YMM's art education.

  • Wangru Wu

    Professor Wu, a member of Art Education Committee, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, professor of department of Arts and Design, National Hsinchu University of Education, devotes to setting up art communications of cross-strait and promoting art education reform and levels. He is now the international instructor of YMM Research Institute taking charge of school matters of Taiwan campus and art communications enhancement.Prof. Wangru Wu, a member of Art Education Committee, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, and a professor of the department of Arts and Design in National Hsinchu University of Education, devotes to setting up cross-strait art exchange and promoting art education reform. He is now an international advisor of YMM Art Education Research Institute, who provides guidance for the teaching affairs at YMM Taiwan center.

  • Daquan Dai

    Prof. Daquan Dai is a professor of the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University, deputy director of China National Academy of Painting, and a member of Review Committee of National Art Museum of China. He won the Gold Medal on Chinese Arts Gold-color Prize and Gold Medal on National Printmaking Exhibition. Prof. Dai's works were exhibited on National Art Exhibition several times and his art pieces were collected by Portland Art Museum, Oxford University Museums, etc. He is now an international advisor of YMM Art Education Research Institute, taking charge of teaching theory research.

  • Tom Gattis

    Mr. Tom Gattis is the dean for the Columbus College of Art and Design. He puts all his heart into curriculum development and emphasizes the practical ability, which breaks the traditional teaching mode of U.S. design schools. He commits himself to making YMM courses more professional, advanced and acceptable to parents and students around the world.

  • Baoping Jin

    Prof. Baoping Jin is a professor in College of Design at Shenzhen University, and the head of Shenzhen University Printmaking Research Institution. He is often invited to art schools in Europe to lecture on art history. With 30-year experience of art teaching in higher education and instructions in English, he currently provides academic guidance on YMM's teaching affairs.

  • Lin Xiao

    Ms. Lin Xiao is the Deputy Dean of YMM Art Education Research Institute, and the creator of YMM's "Children Fashion Design Courses". With 11 years of experience in education research, she takes charge of designing curriculum, updating the teaching material database and training teachers. She often attends academic exchanges in the U.S, U.K., France, Japan, etc. She believes that "interest" is the core of teaching.

  • Yong Lu

    Mr. Yong Lu is a decorative painter and has published many collections of his artworks, for example, "Soundless -- Figure Drawing of Lu Yong". He is now the Deputy Dean of YMM Art Academy International Preparatory Center. In his class, Lu focuses on inspiring and helping students to develop creative thinking and artistic potential.

  • Lorena Lasky

    Ms. Lorena Lasky is an artist, graphic designer, and an art teacher to inner-city children through the Toronto District School Board. She is now holding the post of director of education in YMM Art Space Toronto. Ms. Lasky is particularly known for the diversification of teaching. She is also the author of a curriculum-based text book on literacy, specifically designed to be accessible by visually impaired students.

  • Luisa Vargas

    Ms. Luisa Vargas, the director of education at YMM Art Space Washington D.C., obtained her bachelor's degree in psychology and master's degree in art therapy at the George Washington University. She is good at teaching with different art forms and making spiritual communication with students. She holds the opinion that "the aim of art is self-discovery and is also the journey of pursuing pure nature and minds".