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Award Ceremony for 2018 YMM Global Creative Arts Competition



On 31 December 2018 Artron Art Gallery is witnessing Award Ceremony for YMM Global Creative Arts Competition! Xiao Lin, Deputy Dean of YMM Art Education Research Institute confers certificate of honors and scholarships to recipient students. Meanwhile, Dr. Kim Huyler Defibaugh, NAEA President, acts as the conferrer at YMM Washing D.C. center.


Ms Xiao conferring certificate and scholarship


5-year-old student Borui Cui (Zhengzhou Jinyi Campus) receives Special Award for his works Fighting Against Virus which presents to be tremendously creative. The works renders the image of human fighting against virus via toy needles, Q-tips, plastic caps, abandoned toys and wastes.


Special Prize Works Fighting Against Virus from Ruibo Cui, 5 year old


Anya Wu (12 year old) from YMM Art Academy International Preparatory Center turns out to be one of the gold prize winners this year. Her works "Albatross Finale" sends out profound message. "The albatross' tummy is stuffed with rubbish. It explains that the albatross is dead because of taking in too much plastic rubbish. So I want to speak out aloud that we should protect environment, care for birds and everybody counts!" quoted Anya Wu.


Gold Prize Winner Albatross Finale, Anya Wu, 12 year old


10-year–old Luyi Wang from YMM Art Academy (Paradise Walk Campus) is another gold prize winner. He still remembers every bit of how the works is finished. "My works Iron Phoenix comprises wasted screws, wires and caps. I hope to send a message that we should protect animals rather than hunting them down."


Gold Prize Works Iron Phoenix, Luyi Wang, 10 year old


Award Ceremony


2018 YMM Award Competition for Global Creative Arts is hosted by YMM Art Education Group. It is established to offer children and the youth (age 2-18) a platform to boldly express their original idea and bring their creativity into full play. Fantastic Link: Art out of Waste is featured as 2018 competition theme. Over 50,000 YMM students utilize "restructuring" method borrowed from physics to perform the creation. They put together ready-to-be thrown away toys, unexpected materials; reassemble and restructure them; and turn them into arts of novelty. 

Mythos Yang, the Head of YMM Art Education Research Institute exclaims: "The youngest contestant is just 2 years old. We find the works of lower ages very intriguing. They are full of easiness, liberty, joy and masterly imagination. This is very awesome!"




Awarded Awarded Works in YMM Global Youth Arts Exhibition 2019