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YMM Global Youth Arts Exhibition (2019) Opens During New Year Holiday



YMM Global Youth Arts Exhibition 2019 opens at Art Gallery of Artron Shenzhen from 30th December 2018 to 1st January 2019. Themed as "Been Forever: Monsters that Never Disappear", the exhibition presents artworks created by 600 students aged 2-18. Audience will be able to see two-dimensional and three-dimensional design artworks, fashion design pieces, videos and films, art installations, and performance art.

The exhibition is hosted by YMM Art Education Group, and cosponsored by World Wide Fund and Art Gallery of Artron. YMM directly points out increasingly severe plastic wastes problems through the demonstration of modern art installation and artworks of students from different age groups. Mr. Moses, founder of YMM Art Education Group speaks in the opening ceremony, "The exhibition is to remind us of how crucial and urgent it is to protect environment in the way of artistic creation, especially under the current circumstances. I would like to kindly ask you to ponder over the implicit meaning every piece is trying to convey, besides appreciating the unique creativity and visual aesthetics within themselves."


 Mr. Moses, founder of YMM Art Education Group, giving speech at opening ceremony


"Looking for the trail of the monster" constitutes the main storyline of the whole exhibition, following which audience will see how the 12 parts of the monster are hidden in the exhibition area as art installation pieces. The unknown and unpredictable structure of the monster will be the most intriguing suspense of the exhibition. The concept of environmental protection would gradually come to children as they are enjoying the exhibition.



"Heart of the Monster" Art Installation




Parents with kids attending event


Award-winning works from YMM Award for Global Creative Arts 2018 are to be displayed at the exhibition. Children create their artworks through "restructure", which is a physics term. They turn discarded objects which might have no link to each other before, into brand new toys through assemblage. 


Mr. Xiehe Shan, Honorary President from Shenzhen Youth Social Education Association is surprisingly shocked and exclaims over children's creativity.


Mr. Xiehe Shan, Honorary President of Shenzhen Youth Social Education Association, is interviewed


Parents Capturing "Sight of the Monster" with kid


Enjoy the artworks from the perspective of kids


Mr. Hua Shi, leader of WWF (China) public relations development, comments on the exhibition that, and as we quoted that "YMM has used art as a carrier to let kids know about the cause and harm of plastic wastes in a concrete and profound way."


Mr. Hua Shi, Leader of WWF (China) Public Relation Development, commenting on exhibition