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NAEA President Visits YMM Headquarters (China)



NAEA President, Dr. Kim Huyler Defibaugh, takes a visit to YMM headquarters in China. Accompanied with Mr. Moses, founder of YMM and Ms Jenna, Director of D.C. Center she tours around YMM R&D headquarters (Shenzhen), YMM Art Education Research Institute, YMM Art Academy International Preparatory Center and YMM Donghai Campus(Shenzhen), gaining a holistic insight into YMM unique management system, curriculum R&D, as well as classroom teaching.


YMM Founder Mr. Moses (first on the left) talking with Dr. Kim Huyler Defibaugh (third on the left) and Jenna, Director of D.C. Center (first on the right)



YMM attending NAEA 2018



Mr. Robert from YMM Toronto Center is leading the workshop, intriguing authoritative "students" from NAEA with brand new "entanglement" introduction.


The workshop is drawn from "entanglement", a concept borrowed from Quantum Theory. It restores the process of how teacher is leading students into expressing and creating 3-D artistic installation and objects that have never been created before. The class aims at exploring and interpreting how quantum particles come into existence and entangle with each other. The workshop sparkles so much that hundreds of art educators call out that "It really blows out our mind, very forward thinking. The teaching method is beyond imagination."


Dr. Kim HuylerDefibaugh, Current NAEA President and Ms Patricia Franklin, former President, talking cordially with Michelle, Deputy Dean of YMM Art Education Research Institute after the workshop


The workshop leaves such a deep impression on Dr. Kim HuylerDefibaugh that she decides to take a visit to YMM, gaining a full insight into YMM management mode and curriculum framework.

 At R&D headquarters(Shenzhen), Dr. Kim HuylerDefibaugh gets to know multi-functional painting table and arts installations designed by Mr. Moses, especially YMM iconic gear logo installed at the headquarter front desk.



Mr. Moses introducing to Dr. Kim HuylerDefibaugh his creative idea


The space design, management philosophy and artistic atmosphere at YMM R&D Headquarters make her pleasantly surprised. She comments that, "I am overwhelmed with the feeling of steam punk, mechanic and artistic. YMM is the perfect combination of emotional artist and sensible management."

 Dr. Kim Huyler Defibaugh joins classroom activities with YMM teachers, getting to understand YMM course research and development, students' artworks, teaching concept and campus space.


Teacher from YMM Preparatory Center explaining students' artworks to Dr. Kim Huyler Defibaugh


Dr. Kim Huyler Defibaugh visiting YMM campus