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YMM Toronto Center Receives Prizes from Canada International Children’s Art Festival



The 16th Canada International Children's Art Festival is held in Toronto City Hall, Canada. The Festival opens from 19th August till 23rd. It displays artworks of children from all over the world in forms of arts show, music performance and recital competition. It serves as a medium to observe the world and experience the intercultural beauty through children's eyes.


Exhibition in Toronto City Hall, YMM students carry off half prizes from the exhibition


It is the first year YMM is invited. 130 works from Toronto Center are displayed in the exhibition.  Over half prizes are carried off by YMM students, among which 48 students receive Gold, Silver, Bronze and Excellence Prize respectively. Teachers from YMM as a team receive Talent Scout Award. YMM Toronto Center obtains Excellent Team Award.


Mr. Robert and kids with prizes


Lorena and kids with Prizes


Festival Benefits Hundreds of Thousands of kids

Canada International Children's Art Festival is organized by Canada International Children's Arts Foundation. Under great supports of Canadian federal and municipal governments, and various social groups, it has become one of the world renowned children's arts festivals. It attracts thousands of children around the globe to attend. Hundreds of thousands of children benefit from it.

"Flower" is chosen to be this year's theme. Children could use their brushes to visualize the world of flower in their heart, and the great expectation they have towards the world.

Creating Amazing Art

Mr. Robert from YMM Toronto Center said, "The first step is to expose children to exterior features of flower, then we break it, and rebuild it to create something totally different that shares the same inner core. We let kids do sketches—it is of static state. They have their say in drawing and what we do is to call out their muses in creation. We give them absolute freedom. The second step, teachers become children's assistant, helping them finish artworks."


Works awared with Gold Prize:

                                 Bee!   Tina  Age  7                       Van Gogh Sunflower  Michelle Age 10    R Mixed Media Mandy Age 4        



Keep intact their hope and imagination

Picasso once said: I can paint like a master in a short time, but I have to spend my whole life learning to paint like a child.

The art of children is also the art of world. To stimulate inherent creativity in children is to keep intact their hope and imagination. It is all YMM is striving for –to advance civilization through the power of art.