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Christ Episcopal School in Maryland Adopts YMM's Curriculum



June 30, 2017, Christ Episcopal School (CES) in Maryland, officially adopted YMM's art curriculum.


Christ Episcopal School is a private school located in the Washington metropolitan area. CES has small class sizes, averaging thirteen students to a classroom. This allows their teachers to give each student their undivided attention so every child is given the encouragement and guidance to find their own artistic voice.


Signing ceremony



Mr. Moses Wang and Dr. Caroline Chapin are communicating with children at CES





Dr. Caroline Chapin, Head of CES, has years of experience in educational management and early childhood studies. At CES, she held an experiment to integrate art lessons into other subjects, such as math and science, in hopes of increasing students' understanding in those areas by means of art education. The results were excellent.


After the YMM team met with Dr. Caroline Chapin for a tour of CES in 2016, an agreement was struck to implement YMM's curriculum methods in CES by the summer of 2017.


In 2015, Dr. Caroline Chapin is sharing CES teaching model for students of "YMM • CES International Teacher Seminar" in Shenzhen.


Dr. Caroline Chapin is sharing American education philosophy in Sino-American Art Education Summit Forum of 2015.


Witnessed by delegates from both CES and YMM Art Space, Dr. Caroline Chapin, and

President of YMM Art Education International Group, Mr. Moses Wang, signed an agreement of collaboration. According to the agreement, CES will introduce YMM’s curriculum as well as hire YMM teachers to give art classes in the school. The partnership is vitally significant for both schools in terms of future development.


The cherished partnership between CES and YMM is sure to inspire wisdom by art in students for years to come.