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YMM's "Gone Forever: Extinct Animals" Exhibition on the 2016 NAEA Convention



World Wildlife Day is on March 3 every year. During this month, YMM teachers and students participated in a large art creation event, with the theme “Gone Forever: Extinct Animals”.


Children aged 2-18 utilized different materials and creation methods to bring extinct animals “back to life”. As creators of these works, YMM students took a profound life lesson while expressing the appeal for wildlife conservation.


Their works were exhibited on the 2016 National Art Education Association Convention, and became a big surprise for visitors. John, a Washington art educator who visited the exhibition said, “It’s so stunning! I wouldn’t know these beautiful creatures once have existed in the world without these artworks. It’s such a brilliant idea using art to teacher kids about wildlife conservation. It inspires us a lot on education.”




The Bluebuck / Qiaoyun Xie  Age 4 / Miro Class


The Seychelles Giant Tortoise / Yuxuan Hu  Age 9 / Little Fashion Designer Class


The Irish elk / Ke’er Xie Age 11 / Picasso Class


The Javan Tiger / Yichen Nie  Age 14 / Modeling Class






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